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Marrying within your own town further increases your chances.

Cousin couples have only a slightly higher incidence of birth defects than non-related couples.

Before civil laws banning cousin marriages, it was preferable to marry a cousin in some communities as it is to this day in many countries.

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At the present time there is no European country that forbids first cousins to marry one another.

In both Canada and Mexico it is not against the law to marry a cousin.

Genetic counseling is available for those couples that may be at a special risk for birth defects (e.g.

You have a defect that runs in your family) In plain terms first cousins have at a 94 percent chance of having healthy children.

one of the reasons seems to have been that the policy was, indeed, part of the modernization/westernization move in late-nineteenth century japan (sort-of the opposite of what happened in the maghreb/mashriq/parts of south asia when they went through an arabization process — oops! from “Japan’s Outcaste Abolition: The struggle for national inclusion and the making of the modern state” [pgs.

82-83] (the “new commoners” referred to here are the burakumin whose social status changed with the “edict abolishing ignoble classes” — they were literally “[O]ne of the main government aims of the time was to improve the national stock so as to maximize economic productivity and military power, as expressed in the slogan ‘rich country, strong military’.

There are a wide range of opinions on the subject of cousin marriages.

This is fuelled by erroneous information, bigotry, and presumptions.

Currently the frequency with which cousins marry in the United States is an average of 1 in 1,000 while in Japan it is currently 4 in 1,000.

It is estimated that approximately 20 percent of all married couples around the globe are first cousins.

The very first prime minister of Canada , Sir John A. Why the people listed above married their cousins is not for us to know but it was probably related to the fact that the opportunity to get out and socialize with other people was minimal and these individuals probably spent a great deal of time working.

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