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upset you, but we cannot turn away from this demon.In the piece, the writer recalls a dinner conversation among mothers talking about how hard it is to raise kids in a culture where pornography is ubiquitous.But when I read stories like this, I think, “I should reconsider that.” True, wherever there is an Internet connection, pornography can find you. Let’s say that our own children manage to get through childhood without having porn colonize their minds and hearts.

Anal sex was standard among teenagers now, even though the girls knew that it hurt.

There was stunned silence among the mothers around that dinner table, although I think some of us may have let out involuntary cries of dismay and disbelief.

Think about what the ubiquity of porn does to the prospect of finding life partners who are capable of loving them, in soul and body, in a caring, compassionate, righteous way?

This is not a crisis that we can face adequately as individual families. We have to do this as a community embedded in Weimar America, where there is widespread indifference or even contempt for our values.

They somehow think that either their kids won’t find porn, or that everybody uses it, so how bad can it be, really? Here’s a story about the disaster unfolding in Japan.

They don’t want to face the reality because if they did, they would have to institute radical changes in their family’s life, including forcing their kids to be weirdos in their peer group. At a conservative Christian college not long ago, a campus minister told me that every single young man he works with, helping them to prepare for seminary after graduation, is addicted to pornography (meaning that they use it compulsively, and find it impossible to stop, even though they want to). Excerpt: Nearly half of Japanese people are entering their 30s without any sexual experience, according to new research.

They had lied to their mums about it and felt they couldn’t confide in anyone else, which only added to their distress.

When Sue questioned them further, they said they were humiliated by the experience, but they had simply not felt they could say no.

It’s quite another to be a virgin because you are too afraid of emotional and physical intimacy, and would rather sit home and watch porn.


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