Cost for updating electrical system

If it is not right quality and if not mixed right quantity, the outcome will not be fine.

This will have a serious effect on the durability of the house.

The major factor which affects the construction cost is the material used for building it.

Below is an Informative Reply to a Query asked by ” Mr Monish “ in the Discussion column below where he wanted to Know the Different Options that are possible for Building 2 Houses/2 independent floors on a single site instead of Buying an Apartment.

His Budget is planned at Rs 1.5cr including his friend. Site cost: Rs 1cr (Considering HSR Layout) Building Construction cost : Rs 50 lacs (2200 sq ft) Ground Floor parking 1st half of 2nd Will Be One Duplex House.

The major disadvantage of this option is that the property will be a bit far from your workplace which means additional travel time.

Note : 50×80 Site FAR considering 30 ft road will be 1.75 as per BBMP Laws.

Informative : A Khata BBMP | B Khata | Difference between A khata and B khata The current construction cost in Bangalore is Rs 1300 to Rs 1400 / sq ft for a structure may it be residential or commercial has difference in rates as there can be change in materials used and its planning.

Architects fix the cost of construction in Bangalore for a particular building after analyzing various factors.

First floor 2BHK House Second Floor 2BHK House Third Floor Common Areas like Gym, Home Theater, Open Bar, Terrace Garden etc.

This would be the Best option where the site will be in a good location on Sarjapur road and also one can enjoy good common amenities on the third floor.

Architects4as Architects in Bangalore, we first finalize the floor plan and elevation.


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