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Scroll through the options until you get to the correct one.If you did not "Set Content" when you added a source, you can do so later by selecting the source and bringing up the contextual menu ( You can also "set content" for subfolders, even if the parent folder has content set that is using a different setting.The blog post comes a day after Google's EMEA boss Matt Brittin apologized on stage at annual industry event Advertising Week Europe in London about the issue of ads appearing next to questionable content on its services.

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Content updating

Generally, the questions on the initial certification exam are more specific, while questions on the recertification exam tend to address broader clinical issues.

This difference is most apparent in the questions related to applying basic science concepts and reflects the different functions of the two exams.

Google also said "in the coming days and months" it will introduce more tools for advertisers to be able to control where their ads appear across You Tube and other third-party sites that are monetized through Google's advertising platforms.

Those updates will include a change of the default settings on the existing tools so they meet "a higher level of brand safety," more account-level controls so it is easier for advertisers to exclude specific sites or channels from their Ad Words for Video and Google Display Network campaigns, and "more fine-tuned controls" for brands to choose where they want their ads to appear.

From Tuesday, Google says it will take a "tougher stance" on hateful, offensive, and derogatory content.

That will include removing ads "more effectively" from content that is "attacking or harassing people based on their race, religion, gender or similar categories." Google is also looking at ways to block impersonators of legitimate content creators from collecting ad revenue from the You Tube Partner program. The You Tube team is taking a hard look at our existing community guidelines to determine what content is allowed on the platform—not just what content can be monetized," the blog post said.

Additionally whilst absolute ordering may exist on, that data may not be available to the scraper due to the way feeds that data out - see the section on debugging show matching (yet to be completed).

NFO files are an alternative to going online for the library data.

Avoid adding a subfolder as a separate source, as Kodi will might make duplicates if there are two sources that lead to the same files.

In the configuration of the TVDB Addon if neither of the 2 tick boxes for DVD Order or Absolute Ordering are ticked then the order of episodes will be in Aired Order and this is the default listing order for the the TVDB addon.

Pivotal Research analyst Brian Wieser downgraded Google's stock from "buy" to "hold" on Monday, following the advertiser boycott and a recent rise in the company's share price.

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