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You may feel like you don't have any pens, but if you consolidate all the pens lying around your house into one basket, you might find you in fact have a thousand.

Consolidate has its roots in Latin: by combining com- (meaning "together") with solidare (meaning "to make solid").

Jitter can lead to audio and video artifacts (unintended deviation or inconsistency) that degrade the quality of communications.

A jitter buffer (or de-jitter buffer) can mitigate the effects of jitter, either in the network on a router or switch, or on a computer.

The deviation can be in terms of amplitude, phase timing or the width of the signal pulse.

Among the causes of jitter are electromagnetic interference (EMI) and crosstalk with other signals.

So, when you think about consolidate, think about bringing things together to make something solid, stronger, or easier to handle.

A general might consolidate his troops, a librarian might consolidate all the books about exciting women on a Women's History Month shelf, or someone with a lot of credit-card debt might try to consolidate the debt from his different cards.

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