Companies with abusive or intimidating behavior

If there are senior managers witnessing their behavior and not speaking up, this is a deeply, deeply rooted cultural problem.

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Companies with abusive or intimidating behavior

Long term or chronic events that span a period of months or years tend to develop symptoms that vary from PTSD.

There is usually more intense psychological harm when one experiences repeated trauma.

Yet finding a fitting diagnosis causes a bit of a controversy among some professionals.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) describes symptoms that result when a person is involved in a short-term or single traumatic event.

So it’s really bad, and it’s not something your organization should be tolerating, even in small amounts.

The fact that it’s been allowed to go on so flagrantly is a huge strike against your organization’s culture and its management.

I suspect that if you and others were willing to start pushing back against it — for example, saying “wow, that’s really unkind” every time they make one of these comments, and especially having others around you chime in to agree — it might tamp things down.

(Or it might just harden the divisions between them and others, so you’d want to be prepared for that risk.) But this one is a management failure, and you can really only apply band-aids from where you’re standing.

Their way of living is attacked for no apparent reason and often, the attacker is intent on harming the target for no apparent reason.


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