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The heart of all settlements developed in Eleusis, from pre-historic period up to modern times, constituted the most eastern hill of a low hillchain situated be¬tween the plain and the sea.

The archaeological studies certified that housing in the wider area of Eleusis begins in the 3rd pre-historic century, in the Lower Cop¬per Age (2800-1900 B. Foundations of homes dating from the Middle Copper Age (1900-1600 B.

The history engraved on it repeated layers of writing, composing in the centuries' run a long and enchanting novel.

Flourishing settlements, fortifications and spaces of religious worship were de¬veloped in this place during the whole antiquity but also in modern times.

Aeschylus and his brother Cynegeirus distinguish in the fights against the in¬vaders. After the victorious outcome of the Naval Battle of Salamis and the battle of Plataea, the Greeks decide not to restore their profaned Sanctuary for a certain period of time, but to leave them as evidences of the barbarity and the impiety of the Persians.

However, when the democratic power comes to Per-iclus, a new brilliant period for Eleusis and its Sanctuary begins.

Gems of the ancient and impressive tombs of the "Western Cemetery" are ex¬posed at the Archaeological Museum of the town.

A group of pre-historic tombs of the "Western Cemetery" has been identified as the tomb of "Seven against Thebes", that ancient writers report to be found in Eleusis.

Excavation works of the Archaeological Site assign the beginning of the worship of Demeter to the Upper Copper Age, identifying a mansion dating from the Mycenaean period, found under the classical Telesterion, as the first temple of the Goddess.


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