Common pet peeves dating

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Instead of choosing to go with a generic opener, find something you like about another person’s profile and ask an open-ended question.

Personalizing a friendly response is almost always sure to have a more optimal response.

It was kind of fun to mess around with it, but it always bothered me how shallow apps like Hot or Not, and Tinder seemed.

However, having recently rejoined Tinder, I've come to a new understanding.

More often than not, it is some sort of physical trait. You also have the advantage of reading a user's bio, which is basically the equivalent of having limited mind-reading abilities in real world encounters.

Speaking of bios, from my experiences using online dating sites (primarily Ok Cupid and Tinder), I have noticed some common trends.

In high school, I joked around a little bit and made a Hot or Not account.

Similar to Tinder (though not nearly as popular anymore), the user views the profile of another user (based primarily off of pictures) to determine whether they are "Hot," or "Not" (hence the name).

Similarly, choosing to fill an answer box with a response like “ask me” or “will tell on a need-to-know basis” might suggest to a reader that you’re trying to hide something or have a reason to remain anonymous — both of which will likely send them running for the hills.


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