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The Shawnee Knights of Columbus Council 2332, one of the largest in the state of Kansas, was formed November 21, 1921, with a charter class of 70.

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Jeff Meyers, mayor of Shawnee, is a Past Grand Knight of the council as was his predecessor, James Allen.

Many other Knights have served and are serving on the city council and in city public affairs.

Michael Keating served as Grand Knight, chief executive officer of the council, and the Rev. Pflumm, Deputy Grand Knight and Financial Secretary; Adolph B.

Chown, Chancellor and Trustee; Jeremiah Keating, Recorder; William Bousman, Treasurer; Robert H.The early meetings of the council were held in the coal bin of St.Joseph’s old stone church and continued there until a new brick Knights Hall was erected on the site of the present building.The council has been active on the State Knights of Columbus level, supplying four State Deputies: Andrew J. Murray, 1970-72; Charles Garrett, 1976-78; and Thomas R. Many council members have served as District Deputy.Garrett also was Kansas State Master of the Fourth Degree and Zarda was Vice Supreme Master of the four-state Juan Padilla Province of the Fourth Degree.It was occupied on Columbus Day 1948 and as usual in such projects, the hall wasn’t quite ready for the Grand Opening Dance.


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