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I wanted to protect my abuser and the people around him.

Mac Intyre was the person Fine says she reached out to directly via cell phone and Facebook to get Tumpkin help.

According to the complaint, one call lasted at least 30 minutes.

He would, according to the complaint, eventually block Fine’s number from his cell phone without telling her.

Fine alleges she sent numerous messages asking for help for Tumpkin without knowing Mac Intyre had no interest in receiving them.

On December 19, Fine reported Tumpkin’s abuse to the Broomfield Police Department.

On December 20, she sought and obtained a temporary restraining order.

Instead, Mac Intyre contacted outside counsel who had previously defended multiple Colorado student athletes accused of Title IX violations, including those involving sexual assault.

According to the complaint, Mac Intyre then reached out to Tumpkin directly to let him know about Fine’s allegations.

“On December 9, 2016, when I reached out to Coach Mac Intyre, it was out of fear for Joe, myself, other women, the players, and the community of Boulder because Joe had become very dangerous to himself and others,” Fine said in a statement following the filing of the lawsuit.

“I didn’t want to publicly hurt Joe, the coaching staff and their wives, and all the Colorado football players who had worked so hard to get to their first bowl game.

These are all the allegations filed in a lawsuit Wednesday by Fine, whose attorney argues not just that Tumpkin abused her, but that the university and its football coaching leadership, having been informed about the alleged abuse, put the football program above their legal obligations.

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