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our next shipment will be expected after the holidays. they will be available for purchase again next holiday season. We usually will get the Christmas stockings in stock sometime around September.

There is always a chance for a return but isn't terribly likely. These stockings do not have MOLLE on the back so they cannot be mounted mounted to a vest unless you mount it's face to your vest.

It also features a mini marsupial pouch and it also has a place for hook and loop patches to be added, whether that be your name or a Milspec Monkey Patch.

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They do however have a clip that can be attached to a belt loop if you really wanted to use one as a dump pouch, which is a great idea!

One Christmas, a mother decided she was no longer going to remind her kids to send thank you notes.

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The original one was just a molle stocking but they don't sell that one anymore.

This one has a bunch of hooks, clips, zips and a handle. I got this as a stocking for the guy I am dating and we both absolutely love it. It's absolutely perfect and I've shown everyone I know and they love it too.

I hope it comes for next Christmas now as it didnt make it for this Christmas. The width i measured including the foot part of it, and the length was from the toe to the top.

It's a hard measurement to make since it's not really proportional, but there abouts is the measurement.

Consequently, the kids’ grandmother never received any thanks for the Christmas checks she sent to the kids.

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