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We must also be separated from false religions so they will not influence us.Biblical Separation may cause people to misunderstand us.This means that we are to be more than just pew warmers.

– We live in a society that seems to focus on marriage, especially in the church and singles are made to feel like outcasts, especially on Mothers and Father’s Day.

When singles accept their singleness they can then make a mighty impact for the kingdom of God.

Every Christian is called to the ministry, just different kinds.

– Every Christian has been given some type of mission.

– There seems to be an apathy among Christians today and that is they do not seem to care about the Great Commission or basically getting involved in any aspect of Christianity.

Find here some great principles from Nehemiah concerning the burden for others and see if you have fallen prey to Satan’s apathetic lifestyle.

Johnny’s sufferings are now over and he is enjoying a body free of sickness and pain forever in the presence of our Lord.

(August 27, 1956 – March 9, 2014) Here is the link to his testimony: – It is necessary that Christians maintain an attitude of discerning the things we come in contact with.

– There are many in this world who consistently try and tell us that we should not judge but the Bible teaches something different.


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