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The next generation of engineers from the UK and China have met in Beijing to develop new technical and creative skills that will help them solve global challenges.

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No doubt China has organized a massive change in its education system and has developed as one of leading countries in education as well.

Similarly this is becoming an educational hub for the international students as China is offering different superb facilities to the foreign students to study in China.

Indeed, with more than 275 joint programmes and institutes, the UK and China are world-leading partners in transnational education.

But if we want to take forward our shared ambitions of increasing international collaboration, accelerating the growth of world-class universities, and boosting our engineering capacity, we need to look beyond institution-to-institution partnerships.

Last date to apply is 30th April, 2017 Admissions are open on scholarship , Bachelor Degree scholarship for chemical engineering and technology scholarships in Huaiyin city, China for Sep, 2017 intake.

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The Consortium is the first of its kind to partner leading UK universities with the top engineering research institutions in China.

It is led by Queen’s University Belfast and Southeast University (Nanjing) and is made up of six UK universities, including the University of Nottingham and nine universities in China.

Working together in transnational teams, the students have applied their innovation and leadership skills to topics such as disaster management using unmanned aerial vehicles.

This is the first step in building enhanced transnational Ph D educational opportunities between the UK and China in engineering.

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