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We probably went away from our game plans a little bit too early and we weren't able to capitalize on what was a good start.Gets an outside edge that goes well wide of the keeper and into the third man fence. All he manages is a thick outside edge that settles into the safe hands of Bumrah at short third man. Clears his front leg and pulls it fiercely in front of square on the leg-side.87/5 to 288/6 vs Zim, Colombo(RPS), 2002~ Today was the third time Hardik Pandya hit sixes off three consecutive balls in ODIs: off Imad Wasim, CT17; off Shadab Khan, CT17; off Adam Zampa, today***Hardik Pandya, Man of the Match: It was a good day for me. Decks in a back of a length delivery and Faulkner has a slash at it. Faulkner reaches out for it and thumps it over the bowler's head for a maximum Nathan Coulter-Nile, right handed bat, comes to the crease Chahal to Pat Cummins, out Caught by Bumrah!! Cummins clears his front leg to go for the mighty heave over mid-wicket. Kumar drops it short and Cummins isn't afraid to go after it.

Chahal does well to get close to the ball by running across, but fails to clutch onto it Hardik Pandya to Wade, no run, ouch! He is early into his shot - the swish away behind square on the on-side.

Didn't connect and the ball deflects onto his helmet off his arm.

That's when the crowd-favourite Mahendra Singh Dhoni joined hands with Hardik Pandya. Glenn Maxwell came out all guns blazing and he took special liking to Kuldeep Yadav hitting three successive sixes.

India, earlier in the day, were rattled by Nathan Coulter-Nile and the hosts were reduced to 87-5 in the 22nd over. Stay tuned for presentations. Local Time, GMT, IST: Good performance from the Indians. When three of your top four fall for single digit scores, it'll always be a tough ask for the lower-middle order batsmen.

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There are many cupid singles with photos & pictures so take action to meet your significant other today. MS and Hardik played really well - probably the match-winning partnership. The new ball was stopping a bit and some were skidding on. There was a bit of intuition to go wide against Wade. When I came to bowl, I had the confidence that there was something in this wicket. I am grateful for all the support that I get from this team. Then Dhoni took the initiative to ensure an above-par score with a knock of 79. Well, Australia's revised target was 164 in 21 overs. The Gujarati-duo of Hardik Pandya and Bumrah set the tone early in the innings with the new ball. We bowled very well with the new ball, but we let the Indians off. I thought they (our fast bowlers) bowled very well, especially with the new ball. On these kind of wickets, you cannot afford to pitch short.That brings an end to our coverage of the first game of the series. This is a pleasing win because we were in a tough situation. Zampa didn't look at his partner and came charging back for the second. "He has caught it, but the ball has touched the grass," says Illingworth. It was a length ball way outside off, Faulkner goes for the booming drive over covers and gets a thin outside edge that almost died down as it approached the keeper. However, he hit it straight to the man at deep mid-wicket. Coulter-Nile c Kedar Jadhav b Bhuvneshwar 2(5)Bhuvneshwar to Coulter-Nile, THAT'S OUT!! Just a single Bhuvneshwar Kumar [3.0-0-20-0] is back into the attack39 needed off 12Bumrah to Faulkner, 1 run, the luck has now been negated.The action-starved Chennai crowd were treated with a nicely fought match with their (CSK's) captain Dhoni contributing with the bat. We were planning and eventually I targeted one over. As a cricketer, it is important to have the right form. Kohli: Quite different from the first innings to the second. MS and Kedar played well early, Hardik's innings was fantastic. It's a good sign for us that our lower order batting is firing. He is halfway down and later sees his partner denying the second. Dhoni dives forward and completed the catch, but as he finished his action, the ball made contact with the grass Bumrah to Faulkner, no run, misses the yorker by a few inches, flicked to deep mid-wicket and the Faulkner decides not to take a run. This shot deserved a boundary, but Faulkner has to settle for a single.But the hero of the day was undoubtedly the Gujarati. Next, these two teams travel to Kolkata and we can expect the World Champions to come back harder. I, Abhinand Raghavendran, on behalf of Abhishek Chaudhary, Pradeep, Pratyush Sinha, Sriram, Siva and Shashikant, bid goodbye! I'm the same Hardik, perhaps a bit calmer than last year. I am glad I am doing well in the batting department and bowling department. Today was an example, Sri Lanka was an example, how good they can be. It's just a matter of giving players the confidence. The throw was at the bowler's end, deflected off Faulkner's hips, and that allowed Zampa to go back Bumrah to Faulkner, no run, edged and taken? Low full toss on the stumps, Faulkner drills it straight down the ground and the ball hits the stumps at the bowler's end.


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