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“They are showing the people that ‘We are conservative.We are embracing our traditions and customs.’ ” Homosexuality is not illegal in Egypt.

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Some of those arrested have endured beatings and other abuse in their prison cells, while others have been subjected to forced anal examinations, human rights activists said.

“The targeting of the community was never on this scale before,” said Doaa Mostafa, a human rights lawyer who is representing a man and woman arrested in the latest crackdown.

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[New phone app tracks forced disappearances in Egypt] Gay rights activists view the suppression of their community as part of an effort to distract from the country’s pressing political and economic woes, including rising costs of living and declining government subsidies, that have fomented anger on the streets.

Targeting the gay community, activists say, appeals to Egypt’s mostly conservative population; both Muslims and Christians consider homosexuality a sin.

As of Tuesday, at least 20 people in Egypt had received prison sentences ranging from six months to six years, the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights said, including four people who were sentenced Saturday to three years each.

The crackdown is the latest sign of the repression of political and social freedoms under the government of President Abdel Fatah al-Sissi.

More than 250 men have been prosecuted for their perceived sexual orientation, according to the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, whose lawyers are defending those facing trials this month.

The current wave of incarcerations was set off when concert­goers waved a rainbow flag at a performance by Mashrou’ Leila, a Lebanese band with an openly gay frontman.

“Charges include ‘habitual debauchery,’ ‘inciting indecency and debauchery,’ and ‘joining a banned group.’ ” Doaa Mostafa, the human rights lawyer, said both of her clients — Ahmed and Sara — are in jail awaiting trial.

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