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  1. So make sure that you are kind of paying attention and let’s say in a couple of months you want to do the 21-Day Sugar Detox. But I’ll tell you guys, it is probably still one of our most popular episodes. And then episode 120 where we talked about his previous book. Chris Kresser is a globally recognized leader in the fields of ancestral health, paleo nutrition, and functional and integrative nutrition. We met for tea, because we were going to talk about; I think I had been teaching seminars at Cross Fit gyms and you had taught one, maybe, in your area. Diane Sanfilippo: And I was like; well, why don’t I tell you about what I’m teaching, and you tell me about what you're teaching. Diane Sanfilippo: But I remember, I introduced you to Robb. Diane Sanfilippo: I had some personal trainer friends here in the city who knew of you, just through the functional medicine work that you were doing. Diane Sanfilippo: Somebody who needed help with sleep or something. And it was like, at that time, everything was swirling with holistic stuff, and Chek practitioner stuff, and you were talking about it, and everyone’s like, “Oh we’re finding people who talk about the same things we do.” You know. It was just this convergence of; literally it was like there was one other like-minded person here. Chris Kresser: So I wanted to pat you on the back for it, because Robb, of course, and I have become fantastic friends. Introducing me to Liz; it was Bill and Hayley from Primal Palate. And I had seen her name somewhere; but now Liz and I, I mean she’s one of my best friends more than 6 years we’ve done this show together. I’ve written a couple of books, and launched a new training program and I’m still seeing patients and have a blog and now I have another blog, The Kresser Institute, and a podcast and a 6-year-old daughter. We’re here, and I think it’s a procrastination tool for me, too. Because this is what’s really going to be on everyone’s minds. And I would love for you to just kind of give us a basic rundown of what is the new book, what’s it about, and who’s it for. The reality is, that chronic disease doesn’t just threaten us as individuals. And I think it was something like 20% of adolescents, which is even sadder. We need to talk about insurance, and how to pay for care, and who should get insurance and all of that. But what was totally missed was the fact that no matter what decisions are made there, there is no system of paying for health care that will work as long as chronic disease continues to expand at the rate that it’s going now. So it’s like you broke your bone, you got a gallbladder attack, appendicitis, or maybe you had an infection. The doctor would set a bone in a cast; remove the gallbladder or appendix. They’re difficult to manage, and they typically last a lifetime.

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