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After driving around for hours in order to disorient her, Debbie was taken to a home only 25-miles away from her own. For over 40 days, Debbie was kept in a dog crate and sold to countless men who showed up at the disheveled apartment after reading an ad about her on Craigslist.

Eventually police received tips on where she held, and they raided the apartment and saved Debbie from her captors.

“Snow White” (this is how her mother described her in the online chatrooms she used to pimp her out) grew up in a broken home.

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Debbie and her family decided to leave Arizona so Debbie would have a chance at a fresh start.

Miya was a 19-year-old girl working at a sunglass shop in a mall in Phoenix, Arizona when she was approached by a couple with a lucrative offer of a modeling career.

She was paid just $5,000 to live with a man who treated her like garbage for three years.

At the same time, he wanted to keep up appearances and have Snow attend college so that she could be more impressive when he brought her around to his affluent friends. When her “master” found out about the romance he kicked her out of the house. At 12-years-old, her mother kicked her out and Carissa was forced to wander the streets of Fresno, California.

She had no idea that she was in Union City, California when she approached a truck driver and asked him where she was.

She was finally able to call her distraught parents, who were finally able to breathe a sigh of relief.Intrigued, Miya met with the couple, who then treated her to getting her hair and nails done, which appeared to Miya a sure sign that they were legitimate scouts.It was when they took pictures of her with a cheap disposable camera Miya started questioning their authenticity.Despite the red flags, Miya agreed to go with them to California under the pretense that they would provide her with an actual photoshoot with real equipment.When she arrived in California, the couple showed her that the photos they took were actually used on an escort site.It started with them paying the mother to let Snow sit on their laps, but quickly evolved into much more heinous things.


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