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Gleeson used jazz in a number of articles in March and April 1913, and other journalists began to use the term as well. They started in the south half a century ago and are the interpolations of darkies originally. Saxophone players since the advent of the "jazz blues" have taken to wearing "jazz collars," neat decollate things that give the throat and windpipe full play, so that the notes that issue from the tubes may not suffer for want of blues – those wonderful blues.

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Hopkins entitled "In Praise of 'Jazz,' a Futurist Word Which Has Just Joined the Language." The article, which used the spellings jaz and jazz interchangeably, discussed the term at length and included a highly positive definition: "JAZZ" (WE CHANGE the spelling each time so as not to offend either faction) can be defined, but it cannot be synonymized. 14, 1916: Theatrical journals have taken cognizance of the "jas bands" and at first these organizations of syncopation were credited with having originated in Chicago, but any one ever having frequented the "tango belt" of New Orleans knows that the real home of the "jas bands" is right here.

If there were another word that exactly expressed the meaning of "jaz," "jazz" would never have been born. " The young woman's voice rose high to drown the piano. However, it remains for the artisans of the stage to give formal recognition to the "jas bands" of New Orleans.

As discussed in more detail below, jazz began as a West Coast slang term around 1912, the meaning of which varied but it did not initially refer to music.

Jazz came to mean jazz music in Chicago around 1915.

Deepening the nexus among these words is the fact that "spunk" is also a slang term for semen, and that "spunk"—like jism/jasm—also means spirit, energy, or courage (for example: "She showed a lot of spunk").

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, however, jism was still used in polite contexts.

Daniel Cassidy, a film-maker, musician, and writer, has argued for a derivation from Irish teas, which is pronounced (according to Cassidy) "jass" and means "heat" or "passion".

However, Cassidy's level of scholarship was consistently poor and the word teas would be pronounced tyass or chass, not jass.

A more lasting influence emerged in 1913, in a series of articles by E. "Scoop" Gleeson in the San Francisco Bulletin, found by researchers Peter Tamony (who carried out the pioneering research in this area) and Dick Holbrook, that likely were instrumental in bringing jazz to a broader public.


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