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Although she's a three-time major winner and a member of the International Tennis Hall of Fame, she's had difficulties off the court, with arrests ranging from shoplifting to marijuana possession.

It was a 12 hours party with Dave Clarke, Billy Nasty and Rino Cerrone.

Jennifer Capriati, now 36, has had a tough road since her days as a teen tennis prodigy and a stint atop the world rankings.

She played Clare Wood, a solid professional and top 100 player, and beat her 6-0 6-0 in 33 minutes. Six months later she made her main debut, playing in the tour event at Boca Raton, where she reached the final.

Just short of her 14th birthday the WTA Tour, desperate for a young American star to replace the retiring Evert, bent their own rules to allow it, and were to do so again to give her early exposure.

In a very rare interview in 2007 she gave a harrowing account of how her world had fallen apart.

Speaking of her depression to the New York Daily News she mentioned that 'I can't even stand my own skin.'In 2012 there was the happier occurrence of being elected to the Tennis Hall of Fame, but the following year she was arrested on charges of battery and stalking, following complaints by her boyfriend of the time.

Even today you see echoes of the situation that once faced her.

More enlightened parents try to ensure some normality in their offspring at a delicate age, while at the same time attempting to nurture success in a ferociously competitive world. Playing restrictions on young teenage players stem from her experiences.

One of an exclusive club of touring DJs who don’t just travel to their audience but actually attract an audience to their shows from outside the host country, Joseph Capriati fans travel miles across countries and continents to follow his sound.

They are easy to spot with their Italian flags adorned with ‘King Capriati’ slogans and chants of ‘Nap-O-Li, Nap-O-Li’.

This weekend the area could be found bustling with well-heeled families enjoying the Easter holidays, but for more than half the year it is largely deserted.


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