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While the members sometimes try to push her to do things she doesn't want to do, she is able to set the pace."It's up to you as a woman to lead, and that's quite empowering."The important thing is to keep a paying client online for as many minutes as possible.

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"Mostly they're nice guys, not crazy men," she says. And I can talk to the administrator on the website and they ban the IP address, so the guy can never enter again even if he changes his nickname. This has nothing to do with prostitution."Is Sandy Bell a victim?

I mean, those people are thousands of miles away from me. She says she is not, though feminists such as Irina Ilisei say the question is more complicated than it seems."Do we talk about women who are forced to do this? Or perhaps they do it because they are psychologically manipulated, or they have a lack of economic stability.

It is a 24/7 market, the majority of clients logging in from North America and Western Europe.

In the heart of Bucharest on the pavement outside a tall apartment building a group of young women smoke, talk and laugh. Except that in the bright morning sunlight, their heavy makeup, sky-high heels and shiny, revealing clothes contrast with the sensible, summer dress of passers-by.

Probably, it's a combination of all these factors." Ilisei believes the push factors include Romania's high rate of teenage pregnancy, and the fact that 30% of those who finish higher education cannot find a job.

The webcam industry also does its best to entice young women into the business.Now she works in sex work prevention - talking to young women about her experiences, and trying to persuade them of the danger of video chat."There are girls who think they will just stay in front of the camera and make money.But all the things they do there will affect their minds. I see that now." Lana disagrees."It's about selling your brain, not your body," she says. But this is not a job for everybody - a lot of girls quit after a few weeks or even days, because they have this mindset that they're selling their body. I have my limits, and I truly do not feel exploited."Andra Chirnogeanu, Studio 20's PR Manager, also rejects the idea that this is risky or psychologically damaging work.Inside the building, Studio 20 occupies the first and second floors.Forty rooms open off pristine, white corridors, their walls adorned with pictures of women in states of glamorous undress. Inside that room a woman is live and direct via webcam with international clients - and as long as she is alone in the room, it is entirely legal. There is a wardrobe containing some of her clothes."I usually go for dresses, lingerie, or leather," she says.She makes about 100 euros (£90) a day when she goes online to supplement her income as an interior designer. This accounts for the fact that those who talked to the BBC in Bucharest preferred to use their cam name, or just a first name.

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