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Analysis of the implementation, progress and success of the action plans and prevention activities will be done in order to gauge success.Successful plans and interventions will be shared for implementation in other interested communities.

More specifically, female homicides often occurred in a home that was jointly shared by the victim and the offender.

This was the case for 44% of Aboriginal women and 51% of non-Aboriginal women. The RCMP has reviewed all of the outstanding cases of missing and murdered Aboriginal women within its jurisdictions reported in the 2014 Overview, finding that investigations were being diligently investigated with appropriate investigative resourcing.

While the safety of Canada's citizens, particularly the most vulnerable, is everyone's responsibility, communities play a vital role in developing and leading solutions.

Aboriginal communities need to be included in working partnerships that will collectively focus on how best to approach challenges and find solutions that will enhance the safety and security of everyone.

The RCMP has identified vulnerable Aboriginal communities across Canada in which to focus prevention and intervention activities aimed at reducing the high incidence of violence against women.

RCMP managers have been provided with tools to work with these vulnerable communities to develop and deliver violence prevention initiatives (i.e facilitating access to available funding and established successful programs).

Furthermore, the strategy has standardized the investigative process with a revised which incorporates investigative best practices and directives for referrals to Victim Services, taking into consideration cultural needs and establishing mandatory communication schedules with families.

RCMP homicide data from 20 shows a strong nexus to spousal violence, which points to the need to target prevention efforts towards violence in family relationships as a critical element in reducing homicides of women.

Federal and provincial governmental departments and Aboriginal organizations have also been engaged to support the delivery of programming to the vulnerable communities.


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