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A saloon/speakeasy bar-maid in a steel mill factory town (Erie, PA), Lily "Baby Face" Powers (Barbara Stanwyck) suffered a brutal upbringing as "the sweetheart of the nightshift." During one startling scene, Lily's breasts were groped from behind by sleazy and corrupt local politician Ed Sipple (Arthur Hohl). Remember the price of the wrong way is too great."]She became a carnal, calculating gold-digger, and literally seduced - and then discarded many male victims as she slept her way to the top (literally) of a banking corporation, the Gotham Trust Company.

She retaliated by smashing a beer bottle over his head. She ascended from floor to floor - the camera panned up the side of the building to illustrate her ascent from the Personnel Office, then to the Filing Dept., and to the Mortgage Dept.

It was the subject of intense scrutiny and Code-related censorship.

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Dressed as a bride, Diana realized her true love for him and voluntarily abandoned her wedding to Gerald.

She floated down the Nile with Jamil, to fulfill her romantic fantasies. pre-Code comedy film by director Archie Mayo was censored for its objectionable, sleazy story and lewdness.

Warner Brothers had to make numerous changes for the theatrical version by reshooting several scenes and adding new ones, and re-dubbing or changing dialogue. Dirty rotten men, and you're lower than any of 'em.

In any case, the film still retained its sensational nature and offended some critics and conservative audiences. I'll hate you as long as I live." [In the scene with the cobbler, he stated: "Exploit yourself. Use men to get the things you want." It was changed to: "A woman, young beautiful like you are, could get anything she wants in the world, but there is a right and a wrong way.

According to news reports at the time, producer Foy was forced to get an injunction against the Los Angeles police to restrain them from interfering with its exhibition, due to its sensationalist subject matter.

It began with a boring lecture around a campfire to a group of clothed individuals about the dangers of "morbid, unhealthy ideas about sex and the human body - you carry them with you through life." "Nervous and mental breakdowns" were reportedly caused by these unhealthy ideas.

This Czechoslovakian romantic drama by Czech filmmaker Gustav Machaty was once notorious, earth-shattering and scandalous.

The film was confiscated by the Treasury Department (US Customs) when it was imported into the US - the first film to be blocked for censorship purposes, although it eventually played (without a Hays Code seal) at some independent theatres.

Sexually-frustrated child-bride Eva Hermann (19 year old Hedwig Kiesler, or later known as Hollywood glamour queen Hedy Lamarr) was a newly-wed bride, married to elderly, impotent, uncaring husband Emile (Zvonimir Rogoz).


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  5. Ancient coins dating to around BC have also been unearthed from the city and its Madras Boat Club is the second oldest surviving Indian rowing club.

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