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They asked me to be in Green Wing because I was the only one who could get a word in edgeways when Steve was talking.miggs : hi, who is responsible for writing the script? Ben : so do you have quite a bit of say in the way that the scripting goes? A team of writers write the scenes, they give them to us and we improvise around them.If you think I’ve also made a mistake, or have forgotten to add something anywhere, please inform me so I can fix them 🙂 Jen Jen rolling out!

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When I had to kiss Tamsin she was being so funny that I kept laughing in her mouth. helen : poor old tamsin Mike Barlow : Steve really does look like the donkey in Shrek, doesn't he? Lizzie : but no way as sexy as julian Julian Rhind-Tutt : Steve shares Guy's sense of ambition and competitiveness, but it is with great regret that I have to admit he is in fact a very charming and gentle man in real life. Julian Rhind-Tutt : Yes, I know what you mean milly, but I quite agree with you Lizzie and I know Steve would too. Julian Rhind-Tutt chuckles at Jennifer, as far as I know, he doesn't.

He comes from an Irish-Catholic family, so I think he has about 435 nephews and cousins.

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@minnesotalynx fans are feeling confident after the 43-31 halftime lead.

My brother is the headmaster of a special school and I know some of his dinner ladies have been very kind to me as well.

lucyfer : lol Green-Wing-Fan : lol raven : are you spoken for?

Julian Rhind-Tutt : That's an impossible question to answer, Kerri. Julian Rhind-Tutt : sammi - everyone fancies Tamsin. Julian Rhind-Tutt : Don't quote me, but as far as I know there will be a second series. Julian Rhind-Tutt : clare - tonight, let's say Bach's double violin concerto in E minor. Winky Bee : Don't leave us Chessham : Julian blow us a kiss (x) helen : Thank you for making me laugh so much and making green wing perfect! : Thank You Julian Julian Rhind-Tutt : Sweet dreams to you too. Julian Rhind-Tutt : Thank you for all your questions but the nice lady in charge says I have to go now.

If you enjoy the programme perhaps you'll understand that all the characters are so funny that it's impossible to have a favourite. Julian Rhind-Tutt : I spend a lot of time with Karl and Steve who always make me laugh a lot. It's very difficult not to laugh when you're with them. Without doubt Jen, but in a far sexier way that Alan Statham and his moustache. Scottish_fee : all Scottish women are:) lisa a : What have I seen you in before, I seem to recognise you? Paddington : You were in Tomb Raider (the first one) weren't you? Julian Rhind-Tutt : Or if you're not watching the tele I've been down at the National Theatre. Chat Ed : Our half hour with Julian is almost up, so last few questions now... Julian Rhind-Tutt : I prefer the expression strawberry blonde, which is why Steve takes the piss in the programme. Tanika : x Xx Slippy : noooooooooooooooooooooooooo Ali : Keep up the fantastic acting!

Jenn Sin : Are you anything like your character Mac? Paddington : My mate from school says hi mary : oh my gawd..*jumps on bandwagon*.....

rosemm : Can I have your babies Aurora : i think green wing is the funniest show ever! I LOVE YOU TOO JULIAN xxxxxx Julian Rhind-Tutt : No, after years of training I have made a remarkable transformation into the character of Mac but most insults that are traded in the show stem from our real life chats. As Mac I will say no more but I'm sure Guy will be collecting all your phone numbers.

Is it like that in real life or is it all glamoured up for the show?

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