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Mr Lutkin said due to his job, he was “unequivocally aware of what distortion and denial are, I’m also cognisant that people have something akin to an outer body experience when they’ve been given news that they cannot take in”. I did get caught short in the gym when I became overwhelmed by the reoccurring vision of my wife and children crying at my funeral. Photo: Shane Lutkin When Shane Lutkin turned 60, he was sent a pack in the post asking him for stool samples as part of the Bowel Cancer Screening Programme.

I’ve never smoked, I eat well and exercise at the gym and run regularly.

“I looked at her with disbelief and I said slowly ‘does that mean I’ve got cancer?


My wife was in shock so I couldn’t burden her further and I couldn’t tell my two adult children as my son was getting married imminently and I didn’t want to spoil the celebration with this sort of news.

“If it has spread, then it’s possibly chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

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Some of these perpetrators may not have intended to commit murder, but killed their victims during the course of a struggle or to prevent capture.

Several legal and technology experts have questioned the idea that there is a phenomenon of "internet killings".

Now, whilst this would be an inconvenience I knew I’d adjust, it was the Sword of Damocles hanging over me that was weighing heavily within me.

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