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Did you commit to your partner knowing that you were lying? My membership started after a day long fight with my wife. I then found a real profile and became infatuated with her. What did your wife say if you did travel to meet her? "Oh gee, Dad's not coming home since he's probably out banging another woman he met online..." Now the worst of it saw your wife on the site, why didn't you just her message saying you both are cheating..on the site and you out with other women from this site.

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In the terms of the service provided on the Married But Lonely site, it states that some of the profiles are fictitious and have been created to monitor the activity of their members as well as stimulate conversation within the community.

“Date helpers” also encourage members to participate more by sending personal chat messages and by sending personal emails to people they are flirting with.

If either a husband or wife is willing to go as far as to join a site which can lead to infidelity is a sure way to ruin a relationship and possibly lead to divorce.

If you are committed to your marriage and deeply care about your partner, it is wise to distance yourself from these types of interactions.

The secretive lives of husbands and wives who use social networking tools to fulfill their needs from lack of attention to lack of satisfaction in the bedroom can be destructive to a marriage.

As relationships though these network progress and members become increasingly involved in their online affair, the chances of it escalating to a face-to-face rendezvous is naturally the next step.

Sometimes; however, stressful times can lead to disconnect within the marriage and lead to a weaker bond between the couple.

Through social networking sites, such as Married But Lonely, both husbands and wives can seek a source relief and support to make it through rough times or even just to have some fun.

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  2. Not articulating the issue to your partner will just lead to more anxiety and confusion.

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