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They started dating each other since 2001 which ended up in 2007.

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Both Evigan and co-star Robert Hoffman earned the Best Kiss Award at the 2008 MTV Movie Awards. Darko, a sequel to the 2001 cult-hit horror Donnie Darko, was released. Unlike Donnie Darko, the film received negative reviews.

In August 2008, Summit Entertainment announced Evigan has signed on to portray the central character Cassidy Tappan in the remake of the low-budget horror film Sorority Row.

Since she has been doing all the charity stuff, she must have herself pacified financially. However, she has not revealed any information about her husband and wedding in any wiki sites.

Her regular posts on Instagram and social medias has proved that she is now married at the age of 35.

She currently lives in Los Angeles, California, where she usually has Fanchats with fans through UStream, and has her own You Tube channel, in which she posts Work out videos.

A professional dancer, Evigan has appeared in music videos for Linkin Park, Flo Rida, T-Pain and Enrique Iglesias.

Hot sensation Vanessa got into her career in very early age, and still she is passionate about her profession which means she is making money.

Following her other passion for jewelry and fashion, she has been able to establish her jewelry line named “Vanessa Lee Jewelry.” She has also started up different movements like Luvtheinner U, raising awareness program for muscular dystrophy, and hopes to do the same in future.

Although Vanessa chooses to keep her net worth hidden, with any second guessing her net worth won’t be less than a million of dollars.

With every one of her family involved in film and music industry, she seems to live a high filthy life.

Evigan later confirmed that she had reprised her role in its sequel, The Devil's Carnival: Alleluia! On 2011, during a UStream, Evigan announced that she was working in a TV series with her family, though nothing has been confirmed yet.


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