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This EDT used to be as strong as an eau de parfum when it was released.

I bought another bottle from 2016: you still find the same ingredients as the first batches, with approximately the same proportions, but now it smells more like an eau de toilette. Uniqueness/smell 8.5/10 Longevity 10/10 lasts forever on clothes Projection 8/10 Sillage 9/10 Overall 8,5/10 Great for daily usage.

Online shops offers: Fragrance 15 items for 1.62 - 40.94 USDFragrance EUR 9 items for 13.12 - 53.62 EURFragrance 8 items for 22.99 - 62.50 USDNotino DE-AT 8 items for 32.75 - 62.05 2 items for 33.45 - 43.40 GBPView products... Citrusy opening makes a great introduction into the sweet and spicy heart of the composition.

Knowing the desire of some women to wear men’s fragrances, it can be said that no woman would dare to wear Black XS despite of its soft and warm woodsy notes and even sweet notes of the drydown.

Imagine a field of plastic flowers with mechanical bees buzzing over a molasses-sweet bubblegum smell...

Not that its all bad; I would wear this on casual outings, but it is a monster on my skin, filling the room with sweet, sweet fragrance.

I just opened a new bottle I sprayed it on my hand and I can barely smell it 4 sprays.

Looks like I'll be buying 1 million absolutely gold instead A nice dark citrus gourmand fragrance that basically reminds me of a dessert like chocolate strawberry cake.

Al pasar de los días la mujer empezó a mirarlo con ojos de lujuria, pues era un chico joven y musculoso.

Un día decide espiarlo mientras su hijo se duchaba.

You get some lemon and sweetness that concludes in a bubble-gum vibe.


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