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And here the new one that shows the Cold Boot time and the time when the system did a fast startup. Exec Query("select * from Win32_NTLog Event where " & _ "Logfile = ‘System’ and " & _ "Source Name = ‘Microsoft-Windows-Power-Troubleshooter’ and " & _ "Event Code = ‘1’") if Evt.

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When you are satisfied with the information displayed, you click OK and Bg Info will display your custom fields on your desktop for you. Bg Info is a really neat little tool and will be of use (and already IS of use) to many developers and network administrators out there.

Running the very nice BGInfo tool to uniquely identify various computers.

On a more in-depth level, I am curious if anyone knows why BGInfo must open the "default desktop registry key" and what it is updating in the "logon desktop settings" (phrase in quotes taken from the original error message)? This seemed to then allow me to apply the settings without the Default Desktop registry key error.

BGInfo needs to update the registry to set a default login desktop for all RDP users.

Last week I noticed that the Boot Time shown on my BGInfo generated desktop wallpaper had a date of several days ago.

This is because of the new Fast Startup feature introduced with Windows 8.As you can see I have already added another Windows Service to monitor in addition to my SQL Server service.You can now customize the display of the Bg Info items on your desktop.BGI configuration file (versus reading settings from the Registry).Thoughts on why the error happens for user other than the Administrator? Go to Compatibility tab and check the Run this program as an administrator.Clicking Evaluate will show you the results of your query.

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