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There are some perfumes you can identify immediately in a crowded elevator or when they waft through the office.

Some are classics, while others are just, well, common.

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Elaborate gowns, even if they don’t feature details like lace or rhinestones, can cost well upward of $500.

Tack on shoes, accessories, and a bag and you’re looking to spend even more on top of that.

We’re approaching peak wedding season, and if a fridge covered in save-the-dates with vague dress codes like “beach chic” fills you with panic about having nothing to wear, worry not.

The Cut’s devoting a full week to making it easier to get dressed when it seems like you’re spending every other weekend raising a glass to the happy couple.

Another gender-fluid contender, this spicy cucumber and torchwood concoction is fresh and woodsy – with some unexpected curves.

Part of COMMODITY’s brooding and intense Black Collection (made up of scents meant to be layered together), additional notes in its palette include eucalyptus, bergamot, lavender, and amber.

Most things that claim to smell like the beach smell like cheap sunscreen or crude, imitation tropical fruit.

Instead, this scent was inspired by an afternoon stroll in the sand.

There are several advantages to being invited to a black-tie wedding: For one, a fancy venue usually guarantees cool Instagram snaps.

For another, you get to enjoy a lavish meal you wouldn’t otherwise pay for yourself.

Floral dresses are usually too casual for a black-tie occasion, but this dress gets it right.

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