Beren saat and engin akyurek dating

His first place win in this competition landed him a supporting role in the TV series, Yabanci Damat.(2004–2007), produced by Yagmur Taylan and Durul Taylan.

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He didn’t had any acting lessons till finishing the university.

Notwithstanding being trained in acting he wanted to prove his natural talent so he attended the acting contest ‘Türkiye’nn Yıldızları – The Stars of Turkey’ like Beren Saat.

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Engin Akyürek was born in 12th of September 1981 in Ankara.

He graduated in Ankara University Department of History.

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But it was claimed that Engin Akyürek is dated with Cansu Taşkın in 2011.

A more recent gossip is Engin Akyürek has been dating with Tuvana Türkay since 2014.

He was starring with Tuba Büyüküstün and they formed a good synergy. Engin Akyürek did not restricted himself in television industry, he starred in the romantic drama movie ‘Bir Küçük Eylül Meselesi (A little September Affair) with Farah Zeynep Abdullah. Being such a handsome man is not easy in Turkey, there will always be gossips about private life.


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