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In matters of road rage, refrain from using the one finger salute, as this gesture might provoke unexpected consequences.

Explicit instructions for laundromat behavior are detailed, when and when not to remove clothes from the washer or dryer so as not to commit a laundromat violation.

Is it ever okay to “embellish” your dating profile?

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However, their research highlighted key disparities in how people use the app, with men making their selections based on appearances whilst women favoured intelligence, career prospects and stability.

A team of psychologists at the University of Aberdeen have found that the popular dating app is bringing out basic mating urges in men and women.

Caroline Tiger writes for Self, Ms., Salon, and Philadelphia Magazine.

The author of How to Behave (Quirk, 2002) and The Long-Distance Relationship Guide (Quirk, 2004), she lives in Philadelphia, where she both dishes out and takes her own good counsel.

Civility has diminished as crowds increase and technology infects our humanity.

So here is a book designed to define proper behavior, or manners in the old-fashioned terminology, for the socially challenged.

Is it ever okay to “embellish” your online profile? You’ll learn the proper etiquette for: • Disarming the over-toucher • Ditching your date with aplomb • Accepting rejection gracefully • Doing the wet spot tango • Avoiding scratchy stubble face-burn • Negotiating “ex sex” With more than 60 scenarios that run the gamut from flirting to first date etiquette to oral sex, this refreshingly new take on social manners deals with the real-life etiquette questions everyone wonders about .

Discover the answers to these and other burning questions in Caroline Tiger’s guide to modern love, How to Behave: Dating and Sex.

Staying Engaged with Your Partner Immediately After Sex Avoiding Hurt Feelings Being Considerate the Morning After Community Q&A Sexual intercourse is one of the most intimate experiences two people can share, but it’s not always clear how you should act afterwards.


  1. Their loyalty, land, money, and social status are tied to their family duty and to respect their elders and parents.

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