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We found ovariectomy promoted a significant increase in body mass (Fig. Data are the mean ± SD values (N = 6 per group from 2 independent experiments).

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Despite the fact that DMA concentrations needed for bromodomain inhibition are in the m M-range, this effect is meaningful since during busulfan administration, DMA concentrations found in serum ranges between 3.09 and 8.77 m M, the cells responsible for bone degradation.

To test DMA for its potential to preserve bone tissue and for osteoporosis treatment, an ovariectomy (OVX) model in rodents was employed and DMA was administered by i.p.

Heritable changes in gene expression or cellular phenotype not linked to changes in the underlying DNA sequence are studied in epigenetics.

Such changes include acetylation known to act as scaffolds for the assembly of macromolecular complexes that orchestrate chromatin accessibility to transcription factors and allow the recruitment and activation of the RNA polymerases.

injections, resulting in a weekly peak concentration of 6 m M.

Menopause is often accompanied by weight gain due to estrogen deficiency.Micro-CT analysis (d) illustrates the effects of DMA on bone loss induced by estrogen depletion. After 6 days of incubation, TRAP activity was measured as described under “methods”. TRAP activity (c) was determined after 6 days of treatment. The high affinity bromodomain inhibitor JQ1, however, inhibited BMP2-induced differentiation to osteoblasts (Fig.3D image and color coded thickness map of the local diameter of the pores devoid of trabeculae. In parallel, cells were stained for TRAP after differentiation into mature osteoclasts and MNCs were counted under microscope. Non-critical size defects were generated in calvarial bones of rabbits and treated with a biodegradable membrane with or without DMA. 5a) and is known to interfere with osteoblast differentiation by inhibition of Runx2 expression. Alkaline phosphatase activity was measured in multipotent C2C12 cells, which do not produce autologous BMP.BET proteins possess dual, mutually-related Bromodomains in the amino-terminal region and protein–protein interaction domains for association with transcription machinery in the carboxyl-terminal region, called extra terminal (ET) domain and a C-terminal domain (CTD).Osteoporosis is a skeletal disorder characterized by compromised bone strength associated to an increase in fracture risk.It is most often caused by osteoclastic bone resorption that is not sufficiently compensated for by increased bone formation by osteoblasts.

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