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The latest obsession of that kind, for me, is James Spader. w=640" class="size-full wp-image-218" title="Supernova01" src=" w=640" alt="" srcset=", w=150 150w, w=300 300w" sizes="(max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px" /I haven’t read up much on his career except for his film credits (this is usually the most effort I go to with anyone) and not at all on his personal life (because I rarely care about actor’s private lives) and I’ve only read a few articles on some of the films that I’ve watched so far.Strangely enough, it started when a friend reblogged a gif-set of Robert Downey Jr looking wide-eyed and beautiful, as usual, on Tumblr. Lots of actors have mannerisms that come through in most of their roles and tend to have a style. Even when the movie is so bad you wonder how anyone could take it seriously, I feel like Spader’s acting is spot on…then again there is always the change that I am so immersed in his films, right now, that my perception is slightly warped and he Supernova 2000 " data-medium-file=" w=300" data-large-file=" But I’ve put a lot of effort and enthusiasm into seeking out and watching his films.[Note: this post will most likely not be articulate in any way and possibly full of fangirling, at which I excel.

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Just bought my first JKUR - kids talked me into it now I wish I'd bought one years ago....

I'm in the process of modifying and want to start with front/rear bumper and winch (have added 3" lift, 33's and rock rails to start).

I have friends telling me to go full width front (mainly for protection) and friends telling me to go stubby (approach and looks).

I do want to add a winch and would prefer recessed - would also like to keep fogs on bumper (I know there are several stubby models that offer this). I've spent a month looking at all of the models and need help. I'm in the process of getting a front bumper and decided on a full width.

Still deciding on flares, leaning toward warrior but looked at Aries and the the plastic bushwhacked.

After a thoroughly dominant performance in Nashville last week, the top-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide return to the Tuscaloosa host the always-dangerous Ole Miss Rebels in Bryant-Denny Stadium for a later-than-usual kickoff.I'm sure some aftermarket would fair better than others...dammit....stubby bumpers look damn good. I spent months researching mine, changing my mind a bunch of times in the process. I ended up with a mid-width front and a full-width rear. IF you go with mid or full width pay attention to the lines.Full-width rear because personally I think it looks better than a stubby rear. I'm a little too OCD about flat lines where the Jeep curves and fitment in general. Nice rounded lines on the hood/fender and completely mis-matched straight lines on the Grumper U G L Y Another example of bad lines: I really like Poison Spyder, JCR, ACE, EVO, etc but even some of the less expensive bumpers have decent lines.Not only is there an age difference (Nora is 41 or 43) but a class one, as well, as Nora is and always has been working class.I’ll admit right off the bat that this is not the kind of film I’d usually watch and I wasn’t expecting a whole lot out of it, so I was pleasantly surprised when I not only enjoyed but completely fell in love with this film.Spader and Sarandon are both superb and the chemistry between them is palpable.

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