Bad sex wap

the nipple or udder of a mammal DUI a plural of DUO n.

Bad sex wap-47

to grant or hold land under Scottish feudal law FEW adj.

to a hit a ball high into the air in baseball (pa.t.

an expression of triumph or surprise OHS present tense of OH v.

a mantra ONE the number "1"; an individual person or thing (n.

an unrefined, sweet cane sugar (also GOOR) GUS plural of GU n.

to overact, exaggerate HAN plural (Spens.) of HAVE n. expressing thoughtful consideration (also HM) HOA v. an electrically charged particle IOS plural of IO n. a reckless ambition ATS plural a Laotian monetary unit ATT n. an aromatic plant of the pepper family (also KAVA) AVE n. a tanker for carrying oil and ore OBS plural of OB n.

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