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An API topic defines routes, and one or more methods that can be executed on every route.Just like HTTP, these methods are ------------------------ -------------------------------------- | Namespace | Description | ======================== ====================================== | POST:/articles/ | Create a new article (root route /) | | GET:/articles/(\d ) | Read an article | | PUT:/articles/(\d ) | Update an article | | DELETE:/articles/(\d ) | Delete an article | ------------------------ -------------------------------------- is required.It takes the actual subroutine to execute when the method is called.

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Our extension is restricted to target densities that are differentiable.

We use the centered form, as opposed to the natural interval extension, to get tighter range enclosures of the differentiable multivariate target density using interval extended gradient differentiation arithmetic.

If your API is short and simple, with methods that cannot be categorized into different topics, then the entire API can live within the root topic itself, with no child topics at all.

If, however, you're building a larger API, then the root topic might be empty, or it can provide general-purpose methods that do not particularly fit in a specific topic, for example maybe a status method that returns the status of the service, or an authentication method.

Refer to the docs of the runner you wish to use for more information.

For usage from within API methods; this simply calls a method of the the API with the provided parameters (if any) and returns the result. This type of validation is called implicit validation, because it occurs without the application developer having to make an explicit call to Validate or Validate Children.The property corresponding to this value will have different defaults based on the type of control.For more information, see User Input Validation in Windows Forms.Define a post_route method to run before/after every request to a route in the defining topic. The following methods will be available on importing classes/objects: Calls the API, requesting the execution of a certain route. The arguments it expects to receive and its behavior are dependent on the Mc Bain runner used.A topic is a class that provides methods that are categorically similar.


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