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Puck notes that Brittany cheats off of Becky's math papers in school.

Brittany was supposed to graduate in Goodbye, the twenty-second and final episode of Season Three, along with her fellow seniors, but did not because she has a GPA of 0.0. Due to Heather Morris' pregnancy, she was downsized back into a recurring role for the fifth season onwards.

She was set to repeat her senior year during 2012-2013, but left Mc Kinley due to an early admission invitation by MIT. She is portrayed by professional dancer and actress, Heather Morris.

Brittany is present in rehearsals for Don't Stop Believin' when Quinn rushes out with morning sickness.

She later performs with New Directions in their first performance as a full group in Last Name (with April Rhodes) and Somebody to Love.

She performs background vocals in Hair/Crazy in Love, Imagine, and True Colors with the Glee Club.

While on the phone with Artie, Tina, Mercedes, and Santana, Brittany lets it slip that she and Santana have slept together.After discovering their set list has been leaked, the club accuses Santana and Brittany of giving it to Sue.Brittany admits that she did, but was unsure of what Sue wanted with it.She received her high school diploma in New Directions, along with Blaine, Tina, Sam, Artie, Becky and the rest of the seniors, and she also reconciliated with Santana. She and the rest of the Cheerios watch Glee Club singing Push It during a school assembly.She, along with Quinn and Santana, audition for New Directions.She performs background vocals in I Say a Little Prayer, and becomes one of Sue's spies in the club.

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