Are jim and pam dating in real life

Pamelyn Ferdin's character, Lynn, had bonded with the horse and was upset and tried to encourage her father, a sheriff, to rescind the execution.Meanwhile, the aunt's horse handler who was injured by Beckett which resulted in him having "a bum leg" would do anything to kill the horse.A city ordinance prohibits a demonstration from occurring within 100 feet of a person's residence.

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Yes, if you send me something, I might place it here, minus any private details.

The fan mail section has gotten so large, I've split it into sections.

Bewitched (TV 1965) "Eat at Mario's" Never Too Late (Movie 1965) (Summary) Andy Griffith Show (TV 1965) "Girl Shy" and "Bazaar" (as Corlis?

(Source) Jonathan Winters Show (TV 1965) (Summary) Baby Makes Three (aka Baby Crazy) (TV pilot 1965)The Reluctant Astronaut (Movie 1966) Don Knotts movie, short cameo. Bubble commercial (You Tube) Glass Wax commercial (You Tube) Valley of Mystery (TV, Movie 1966) Uncredited cameo.

After "The Office" ended, Jenna Fischer said the cast took a few mementos.

She kept the engagement ring and even claimed that she refuses to take it off.) Miles to Go Before I Sleep (TV 1975) (Summary) After leaving the acting business, Ferdin became a registered nurse. I made this page because I always wondered what happened to Pamelyn.In that capacity, she met her husband, a surgeon, when they lived in Connecticut. It seems almost a given these days that anyone's web page has to reflect their own personal sentiments and aspirations.The father/sheriff was caught in the middle, wanting to follow the law and please his daughter.After Lynn tried to help the horse to escape, it was trapped under a fallen tree pushed over by the evil horse handler with his jeep.I have a studio picture of us together with Walter Brennan, Butch Patrick, Bobby Riha and Andrea Sacino in the 'Schoolhouse Scene'."Pamelyn and her friend Pam Stedwell, playing at the studio on the Partridge Family bus after shooting an episode of Blondie. Pamelyn says she got her "first kiss" from friend Danny Bonaduce when they were age eight.


  1. Quentin Tarantino is considering who to cast in his new film, a 1969-set drama set to the backdrop of the Manson Family murders.

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