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I remember him clearly reading that story, exclaiming, “yes…yes…that’s him, so true, aaaah, I remember…yes”.He then proceeded to fatten the story with his own memories. As much as I am an individualist I love culture and traditions…from an intellectual standpoint.The author, an Italian anthropologist named Vinigi L.

They were said to be of the Horite group and were driven out of the region by the Edomites led by the biblical Esau (Deuteronomy ).

I should mention that another story actually has the Akans as descendents of Israel.

I guess that’s why I studied Anthropology in college.

I remember moving to Ghana at the age of 11 discovering my parents school books from the 1950-1960s or so and just reading about the various Ghanaian ethnic groups.

Which means that one could travel to unknown village X and if the chiefdom belongs to one’s clan, one can claim royalty or a right to that throne…assuming it’s vacant.

It also means that were I to travel to unknown village X, I could seek out members of my mother’s clan (who aren’t necessarily blood relatives of recent generations in the European sense) and they would embrace me as family.My father would take me to the University of Legon bookstore where I would proceed to buy more of these old historical books and pamphlets – many of which were thesis dissertations of former Legon students.With all that, I’m still not clear as to what the origin of the Akan is.The 7 ancestresses that each Akan person can trace their lineage (clan) to are said to have been wives of the biblical King Solomon in this particular version of the story.They were partly to blame for his downfall because they insisted in worshiping God through their lesser gods.It seems that most people agree that we came from “up north” in a series of migrations to escape Muslim influences.


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