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I braced myself to inquire of the peripatetic Peggy’s health? not a breast reduction, a toe reduction.” Well, just so long as she can still dance! and the former “West Wing” producer-writer Lawrence O’Donnell.

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Best-selling forensic author Patricia Cornwell telling the world she is now married to Dr. They were joined back in February 2005 in Massachusetts where same-sex wedlocks are legal. He was delighted to hear that I had seen his film, just like other everyday folks, in the Westbrook Mall in Connecticut with a group whose ages ran from 9 to 84.

I spoke yesterday with the happiest man in America, the producer of the hit movie box-office champ “Enchanted” – Barry Josephson. SOMETIMES press agents re port sighting “them” out and about.

‘I EXPECT you know my friend Evelyn Waugh, who, like your holiness, is a Roman Catholic,” said Randolph Churchill during an audience with Pope Paul VI. Maybe so, now that her marriage to Christian Borle seems to be kaput.

SPEAKING in the vul gate – is something going on between the delectable Sutton Foster and her leading man, the scientist on stage Dr. During “Young Frankenstein,” these two seem quite giddy with one another in their scenes. Well, at least they are among the few actors who are still working on stage-struck Broadway.

I can't think of a single other profession with such horrifying employment prospects. If your partner hears some good news, it's a win for both of you. is projecting your feelings on your significant other, prohibiting them from doing good work.

You're constantly traveling from city to city, you're more than likely working strange hours, and your next job is never guaranteed. That, multiplied by the distance we spend away from each other at theaters across the country and the harsh statistics behind our choice of profession, makes our relationship extremely difficult. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a whopping 13% of all actors are currently working. Knowing that talent, type, and luck all come into play when casting a show, the chances of actually getting the job are slim to none.

tells the story of a gay man who has left his wife but wants to remain a close-knit family with her, their son, and his new lover.

Borle has been cast in the lead role of Marvin, while Rannells will play his new lover Whizzer, and Tony-nominated actress Stephanie J. While familiar for their television roles, both Borle and Rannells have found considerable success on Broadway, especially in recent years.

Fox‘s annual “A Funny (Groovy) Thing Happened on the Way To Cure Parkinson’s” event to fight the disorder. MADONNA will enliven the premiere of hubby Guy Ritchie‘s “Revolver” movie Sunday night at the Tribeca Grand screening room. Ritchie high up on its list of the most influential Americans in the UK.

(She officially changed her name to Sarah Michelle Prinze.) STEPHEN COLBERT of Comedy Central, best-selling books and all-around insanity, hosts Michael J.

Only Helm is old enough to actually remember Woodstock!

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