Amazon instant video linux updating player

Scroll down to troubleshooting section at the end of the post for more details.

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This is a pretty simple trick which should be in the reach of most Android users.

(If you can do the software maintenance on your PC then you can do this.)Note: This trick won't work on the Nook HD or HD , but there is a possible alternate solution.

If you're still on Jelly Bean for some reason, continue with the guide below.

Just because the plugin is gone from the Play Store doesn't mean it's not on Adobe's own website.

This trick has been documented as working on: What you're going to do is install Adobe Flash and a web browser that includes the option of changing the user agent. The first thing you need is Dolphin Browser (or another web browser that lets you change the user agent). Next, download the file attached to the first post in this XDA Forms discussion and install it:

t=2139513There are a number of ways to install the file.

The instructions above won't quite work for you, so you should instead follow this set of instructions on XDA Forums. Nook HD - The above instructions kinda sorta work on the Nook HD ; you just have to go through a different step to install Adobe Flash.

Microsoft Silverlight - If you try to stream a video and get an error message which says something about MS Silverlight, zoom in on that message. (You could also hack the tablet and install Cyanogen Mod, but I am too lazy for that.)Ignore the steps above which tell you to install Adobe Flash; they won't work for you.

There is the official way which is only intended for Android smartphones, and then there is the workaround (which works on almost everything but Kit Kat, and doesn't work in Germany or the UK.)For the sake of giving you multiple options, this post now details both ways to access Amazon Instant Video.

I would suggest that you try both and use the one which works better for you. All you need to do is download and install the two following apps (which I found via Android Police).

If you're using Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) or below, use this Flash Player.

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