Am dating my best friend

"I'm too slutty to be on my own." Is this what she did to Maria? I don't know what's going on with my best friend or her fucking bitch of a girlfriend.

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She's twenty-seven, but her wardrobe always makes her look eighteen. Reyna doesn't seem to notice me, but she follows Maria towards my table anyways. Surely each leg is lifting, but each move is smooth. Let's sit." Maria practically dives into the booth. She can never decide between eating breakfast for every meal or eating like an adult. Maria looks at it, confused, and then puts it in her pocket.

But she's punky with a pixie haircut, pink hair, short jean shorts, a blue tank top, and red suspenders. "I'm starving." Maria starts to flip through the sticky menu. I try to maintain eye contact, but whenever I do, I get lost in her amber eyes. Then she places a hand on Maria's wrist and Maria's nervous flipping stops suddenly. She's used the whine on me before, and it always works. I assume it's the check, but when I turn it over, I see it's her name followed by seven numbers. Reyna glances at the note, smirks, and then slides the paper to Maria. Why did my perfectly straight best friend suddenly give up her fiancée for this stranger?

The "most amazing and beautiful girl ever." Maria and Reyna. Reyna, who didn't exist in my life or Maria's life until two weeks ago. Even when I text her, it takes hours for her to respond. Curves never hurt anyone (except their dating chances). Only one waitress is working the floor and she seems frazzled. Maria nudges her with her elbow and Reyna turns sharply.

One second Maria spends every second with me, and the next she disappears from my life. I notice the salt and pepper on the table hopping around and put my hand on my thigh to stop the shaking. Most of the patrons are heavyset, though it's not like I can judge. "You're funny," she says while she straightens back up. This is officially thirty seconds longer than I want any conversation with a stranger to go. Coffee on an empty stomach can kill your insides." "No, I'm fine. June makes eye contact again and then ducks beneath the counter. I just haven't heard from her since she uh, broke things off with Jace and then met you. Though, you must know that she broke things off with Jace after meeting me." I was trying to be delicate, but I guess Reyna has no time for delicacy. I imagine Reyna naked, sliding Maria's head down into her crotch while Maria eats her out.

"I need Reyna to control my slutty cunt." Does Maria know Reyna is in here? It's two consenting adults, but two adults potentially breaking the heart of Maria. "I need Reyna to control me." "I need Reyna to control me." "I will do anything to have Reyna control me," whispers Reyna. Repeat it." "Once my nipples are pierced, I will belong to Reyna." "Good slut." June hums with delight at the insult. Cum and then leave." The next two minutes are awkward as June no longer attempts to control her volume. I get back up to look at the crack, and all I can see is the red dress of Reyna.

Did she make Maria repeat this fucked up mantra with her? "I need Reyna to control my slutty cunt." "I want Reyna to control me," purred Reyna, clearly getting turned on by her fucked up mind games. She doesn't seem to be doing anything June doesn't want to happen. She puts the mugs down in front of each of us, and leaves the pot in the center of the table. "Hey, my name is June, what can I get for you ladies? "Though we only need two cups." Reyna hands the mug in front of Maria back to June. "I'll leave you three alone." She rips off one of the papers from her notebook and drops it in front of me. I look back up at her, but she's already scribbling on the notepad again, rips off a piece of paper, and puts it down in front of Reyna before scampering off. I'd like coffee." As if on cue, June comes from the kitchen with three mugs and a pot of coffee. You may go." "Right," says June, scribbling something down. How horny can you be to sit where other women's bare asses have sat just to touch yourself? I go to open the door when I hear the door of the stall next to me open. Though someone should tell her that a bathroom stall is neither sanitary nor private. I can tell from her southern accent that it must be June, the waitress. "I will do anything to have Reyna control me," whispers back June. I need a plan to get out of here without confronting Reyna. If I can get to Maria and tell her what I saw, maybe I can end this relationship between them before it really gets going. I just saw your new girlfriend hypnotize and mindfuck a random waitress while watching the waitress get herself off? "Oh, sugar," she says, throwing her hands to her hips and huffing.


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