4 dating sobohoe - Advice on dating after widowhood

The ancient term for a widow was “a relict” – her husband’s relict. We are a new demographic – an element of the whole expanding body of over-75s that is giving pause for thought to the Department for Work and Pensions.

We may be cluttering up surgeries and brandishing our Freedom Passes, but we are also a substantial group – and a significant one, I think, veterans of long relationships, learning how to live differently.

Well, I don’t have a lawn now, so that is taken care of, and I have come to terms with the rubbish.

From now on, it is just you – locking up at night, coping with domestic disasters, taking decisions.

When you wake to hear some worrying creak downstairs, no one else is going to go and investigate.

5 Online Dating Tips for Divorced Moms Also, according to 2001 census data, 41 percent of divorced women over fifty remarry.

And while, admittedly, that's not nearly as high as the statistics for divorced men over fifty (58 percent of them remarry), it's not anything to sneeze at either.

I have a running joke with one widow friend about what men are for.

They are for mowing lawns, putting out the rubbish, pulling champagne corks.

The world is full of widows; the men go first, I’m afraid.

So are five of my close friends – widows, all of us.

But if you're middle aged and single and female and reading this, there's no need to enlist in a nunnery (or anti-terrorism task force) just yet.

As it so happens, women over fifty have a far better chance of getting remarried than of dying in a terrorist attack.

When a pipe bursts in the winter, you are going to have to sort things out for yourself.


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