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After placement, the ends are then pinched together with a special tool until they meet.

Open bands can be used on older birds whose feet are too large for banding with a closed band. I really like the fact that I can decide when the best time is to band the bird.

OPEN BANDS An open band is a piece of metal which has been bent into the form of a circle.

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There are a number of reasons why identification of a bird is important.

These include proof of ownership, governmental requirements in some states, identification of lost or stolen birds, and tracking of birds for breeding purposes (very important).

Larger birds are stronger and sometimes are able to remove the open bands.

So if you are breeding larger birds you will want to order and use closed bands.

Removal can only be accomplished by cutting the band off.

This permanency makes closed bands a more reliable method of identifying a bird than open bands which can be opened or removed.Use of colored bands also enables a breeder to more easily distinguish among multiple birds in an aviary without disturbing the birds.Breeders buying older birds can trace the origins of the birds to ensure that potential pairings are unrelated or to identify certain traits.Another reason I like open bands is that they can be removed.From my experience over the years I have found that most of my customers just simply don't like the bands on the birds.The band is placed on a baby bird, about 9 to 14 days old, by sliding the band over the foot to the leg portion.

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