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What’s currently happening is that the case has been designed and the first case is finalising being made. Yes, this is another 3d render of a mean looking console but don’t go away!It’s literally 1 or 2 days before it arrives at my doorstep. In the next update there’ll be pictures of the actual console!Luckily, Melanie had left it unlocked, so we let ourselves in instead of standing awkwardly on the porch. OK, so the cameras are all set up in the other room, so I guess we should just get started." Deep down, I think I still didn't believe this was actually going to happen.

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This girl was asking me to fuck her on tape to help start a porno career. "I know you'd love to fuck her." I smiled, my face turning red. I just sat there dumbfounded, smiling, for about an hour as Lauren texted back and forth with Melanie.

I started to type something back but quickly stopped. We didn't say another word about it that night, but we were both thinking about it when we fucked that night, and it was one of our best sessions ever. At Melanie's request, I had been drinking lots of pineapple juice, I manscaped, and I was VERY thorough in the shower.

" I responded, curious as to why this girl was texting me now. and he said it's really important that the guy in the demo tape have a nice dick ...... Her nipples were small and dark, and her boobs hung perfectly off her slender body. We could really use the money..." she said, trailing off.

The next text floored me: "so, I have a favor to ask, and lauren said no, but I want to see what you think. and lets just say lauren had a lot to say about yours at merediths bachelorette party." It took me a second to realize what she was saying, and I felt like I had the wind knocked out of me. " The little "..." appeared, and I was glued to the edge of my office chair. "I mean, that's a lot of money," I said, determined to slow play this. "Don't act like it would be a chore for you," she said. As long as I'm there, it won't be like you're cheating." I couldn't believe my ears.

It has the following features: There will be various colours available after the initial release as well as clip on grips and skin.

There’ll be more updates on the controller in the coming weeks. We’re preparing to show off the hardware with a graphically rich open world Sonic demo game which will be running at 4K. There will be a full video released in the next update.Nobody said anything for what seemed like an hour, before Lauren finally spoke up. She had set up lighting around the room, and she had several cameras in various spots.Now that it was actually happening, Melanie took charge. Moving to the camera, she took a deep breath, and pressed Play. " she said, looking up at me, trying to sound sexy. She slowly peeled off her spaghetti strap tank top, revealing a hot pink lacy bra holding her pert little B-cups in place.Welcome to the very first update of the Spartan console.On a bimonthly basis we’ll bring you news on the hardware and software that’s running on the Spartan.In the next update, there will be details on Spartan OS, photos (maybe a video) of the console running and a Sonic 4K video!


  1. VISITATION AT THE ZABOR FUNERAL HOME, 5680 PEARL RD., PARMA (between Ridge and Snow), TUESDAY FROM 2-4 and 6-8 P.

  2. “It is also a clear indicator that when the IGCI officially opens its doors later this year, this increased opportunity for information-sharing will lead to further successes and help close the net on cybercriminals around the world,” concluded Mr Nakatani.

  3. New York Target #2 turned out to be Maire, who, records show, admitted to the FBI that that was his user name.

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