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Additionally, several large theme parks, such as Legoland California, Universal Studios and Dollywood do not publicly post their policies on access passes.

The reason for these changes is that the policies were being abused by tour guides with disabilities who charged a large fee to wealthy families to skip those long lines.

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In addition to roller coasters and family-friendly rides, Marine Land features shows with dolphins, orcas and beluga whales, and it’s less than one mile from downtown Niagara Falls.

Knoebels Amusement Resort is a family owned and operated theme park in the beautiful forested hills of Elysburg, Pennsylvania, just off Interstate 80 about 2.5 hours northwest of Philadelphia.

In addition, Holiday World welcomes 2,500 children with special needs and their families for a reduced admission fee once a year, and for the rest of the season offers a boarding pass to individuals with disabilities.

The boarding pass allows an individual with up to 3 companions to pre-schedule a boarding time for a specific ride without waiting in line.

Guests with disabilities may bring up to 5 family members to the priority access entrance, where the ride attendant will assign a boarding time.

The guest then returns at the assigned time for immediate boarding.

Morgan’s Wonderland is a non-profit organization, and admission is free to guests with special needs ( per day for adults, per day for children).

Holiday World is located in the middle of a corn field in Santa Claus, Indiana, 3 hours south of Indianapolis and 90 minutes west of Louisville.

Sea World also provides sign language interpreters for shows and tours, as long as the guest contacts Guest Services two weeks before the visit.


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  3. A constant complaint among the individuals interviewed for this piece is the misconception that people with autism can't express love or care for others.

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