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But today cities are growing at unprecedented and challenging speeds.

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The close proximity of our cruise and cargo operations necessitates an action plan to reduce carbon emissions.

Maarten has harnessed wind and solar energy and we’re working hard to embrace new and innovative alternatives to do even more.

Malawi Urbanization Review (2016) Malawi Urbanization Review aims to provide fresh perspectives on urbanization in Malawi, by analyzing the current and potential contribution of urbanization to long-term national development and the current institutional and financial capacity of local governments to manage the process.

Côte d’Ivoire Urbanization Review (2015) Well-managed urbanization can accelerate Côte d’Ivoire’s ascendance to middle incomes.

What must be done to improve living conditions, especially in slums and hazard-prone areas? To expand the coverage and quality of basic services?

The Urbanization Reviews help answer these critical questions. Maarten was feeling its way with respect to its national development, and how this should be pursued, whether it would be agriculture, fisheries or the export of salt. Nine years later that number had recorded a six-fold increase to 616,910 and with close to 900,000 cruise passengers visiting St. In June 2014, the destination celebrated 50 years of Cruise. Milestones have been made thereafter one after the next with the two (2) million cruise passenger mark (2,001,996) being made on 31 December 2014. Weighing over 220,000 gross tons each, and having a capacity of more than 6,000 passengers and crew, two such vessels can be accommodated on Pier 2 (445 m). That tropical feeling on the “Friendly Island” begins! Six 4KW vertical axis turbines were installed in April 2012. In 1980, 105,000 cruise passengers visited the island. Opened in 2009, the Harbour Group of Companies upgraded the port by building a second pier. Maarten is now one of the few ports able to accommodate the world’s largest cruise ships – the Genesis-class vessels. Immediately upon coming ashore, passengers are welcomed to the Harbour Point Village to the sound of steel pans. Anything that can be done at the port to minimize this impact will reflect favorably upon the industry. Maarten is the sole Caribbean port to incorporate wind turbines in its environmental strategy.Friendly harbour staff are on hand to assist visitors and an information center is located in the main building. Rapid distribution is of utmost importance to facilitate a positive first impression of St. Those wishing to stretch their legs and go on foot need a mere 15 minutes to reach the island’s capital city. Placement away from the operational areas of the port was essential as was the choice of acoustically unobtrusive turbines which is all necessary when considering the passenger experience in the port. Job training, team building, GLS software platform training, exchange programs to learn are all key to having a 21st century port. The consultancy’s initial “product” is the GLS software platform which was developed for and implemented successfully at St. Our consultancy provides the Caribbean area with port consultancy software and services.Cabs, water taxis and tour buses stand ready to whisk the less adventurous or less mobile away. A new attraction, “The Dutch Village” complete with a windmill is being conceptualized after learning from visitors that not enough “Dutch” was in St. This addition, as well as expanding shopping and dining facilities to include more upscale offerings and the installation of a pool area with water features and bars, are simply a part of our daily business. Implementation of solar panels to produce energy is simply common sense in sunny St. Installed on the cruise terminal roof and connected to the national grid, they generate 3KW. Fueling operations and terminal management are further consultancy services we are able to offer, as well as skill outsourcing of St.Maarten Museum, Old Street and the Guavaberry Emporium.

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