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we also have small insights from Sarah's best friend slash child, Lenny. We also discuss Ashli ...…who else was watching on the edge of their seat today? we wonder what Frank Underwood would think of all of this. what new dating ap ...…brain scans, head gel and broken hands - OH MY.Speaking of thrillers, Ashli and Sarah are HOOKED on (nope not phonics) true crime documentaries!!! ashli's broken head has been an interesting experience for her but she's getting better - YAY. *sunglasses emoji* tomorrow is Ashli's birthday and we all know she will spontaneously combust if you don't wish her a happy birthday so set your alarms now. this week ASHLI & SARAH basically talk about travel this week - Sarah took a weekend trip with her girlfriend to upstate New York and realized the beaut ...…EVERYONE WELCOME OUR GUEST. this week Sarah and Ashli discuss our idiot, i mean ...…YOU GUYS ITS OUR ANNIVERSARY EPISODE!!!!!!!!!These changes include moving “influenza antiviral use within the last 48 hours” from the precautions column to the contraindications column, and moving asthma and chronic lung diseases; cardiovascular, renal, and hepatic diseases; and diabetes and other conditions from the contraindications column to the precautions column.

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Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices recommended immunization schedule for adults aged 19 years or older: United States, 2015. Kim, MD (Immunization Services Division, National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia), Carolyn B.

Bridges, MD (Immunization Services Division, National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia), and Kathleen H. For a list of contributor members of the ACIP and the ACIP Adult Immunization Work Group, see the Appendix.

Thank you to banks for being the only institution that is not annoyed with them!

...…Ashli and Sarah are fighting, so they be actin rilllllll nasty to each other. this week we talk about how our generation and their obsessions with newbordns, and how it's illegal to share Netflix passwords. ALSO Ashli re-joins Bumble with an open heart and a brand new bio! Sarah has farmers tans and doesn't like rooftops while Ashli goes to places called Loopy Doopy. we talk about fun things like Pyramid Schemes, Game of Thrones and the updates of Ashli's long distance love affair.

Figure 2, showing vaccines that might be indicated for adults on the basis of medical and other indications, is unchanged.• The footnotes for pneumococcal vaccination have been revised to provide algorithmic, patient-based guidance for the health care provider to arrive at appropriate vaccination decisions for individual patients.• The footnote for influenza vaccination has been updated to indicate that adults aged 18 years or older (changed from adults aged 18 through 49 years) can receive RIV.

A list of updated available influenza vaccines can be found at gov/flu/protect/vaccine/• Table 1, showing contraindications and precautions to commonly used vaccines in adults, has been revised to update the section on LAIV to reflect the changes in the ACIP recommendations for the 2014–2015 influenza season.

good news is we found that our FAVORITE HIGH SCHOOL treat is now delivering..least in New York?? starting a fight with someone then realizing you need their help. the HILARIOUS blogger/former Miss New York graces the How to Adult podcast with Ashli Sarah proving women *don't* have to hate each other! HAPPY ONE YEAR TO US YAY YAY YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just remember when you deliver in shitty weather to give a little extra to your delivery man who's bra ...…SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ITS NOT A BIG DEAL GUYSSSSS BUTTTTTTTTTT ashli got in a car accident and bumped her head - she's fine, she just has a concussion aka is herself x 10. the two discuss all of our favorite subjects: car accidents, periods, and first date kisses - what's appropriate here?? Ashli and Sarah really cut to the core of deep topics this week but tackling these kinds of tough subjects. Ashli and our guest SHANNON LEYKO became lovely friends after many people convinced them they should be enemies. or sober march if you, like Sarah, are a masochist. listen in and check our social media for details but you could win over 0 worth of things so ... Sarah went back to Omaha and realized her niece is basically the next Katy Perry. How much is too much when it comes to invading your friends personal spaces?

this week, Ashli and Sarah discuss how travel is bad for you (does it stress anyone else out like crazy?


  1. And this is all while Blue Ivy Carter makes her acting debut as she sits in the pews!

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