9 pros cons dating pothead

Reubens appears in the films "Big Top Pee Wee", "Pee Wee's Big Adventure", "Batman Returns", and others.

"Pee Wee's Playhouse: The Movie" will be released eventually.

Let’s explore both sides: In general, weed is bad for day game.

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So if you’re already anxious when dealing with women, weed will magnify your mood and likely make your game sloppier.

You’ll need killer game instincts to cut through that stoned fog.

And when done well, even non-marijuana users can find it quite hilarious. They might not be the full-blown caricature that is on screen, but there’s a level of truth to it.

Also, some real-life potheads seem to be inspired by their onscreen counterparts, and sometimes they will enhance their own “persona” to try and be funny just like that “so-and-so” from “what’s that movie”.

Harry Ritz along with his friends Milton Berle and Forrest Tucker founded "The Long Schlong Club of Bel Air".

The standing rule of the club was that one must be hung at least 10 inches to join.According to Wikipedia, “A pothead is a type of insulated electrical terminal used for transitioning between an overhead line and underground high voltage cable or for connecting overhead wiring to equipment like transformers.Its name comes from the process of potting or encapsulation of the conductors inside the terminal’s insulating bushing.” (They are what most people think of when they think of marijuana usage.Now I’m not gonna debate the pros and cons of getting high.Of course you CAN approach women when stoned, if you force it.Select your favorite wine, weed, and cheese to truly get high on love – just be cautious of where you’re smoking if your state has yet to legalize recreational use.


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