550 validating sender failed to meet spf requirements

For detailed, step-by-step instructions on creating and sending email using our tools see our articles Your First Mailing [https:...

Applies to Socket Labs On-Demand Applies to HMS Version: 1.0 When messages bounce or fail in either the On-Demand service or in an On-Premise system, failure codes are provided in order to indicate the nature of the bounce or failure. UPLOAD CRITERIA Only files are accepted at this time and they must conform to the following specifications: * file format must be * file size must be less than 250 megabytes (262,144,000 bytes) * must be comma delimited (commas should b...

The IP address for smtp.can change frequently because we employ widely geographically-distributed SMTP servers for high ava...

This is an email address specified during the SMTP protocol communication process that determines where the receiving mail server sends back its bounce and error mes..._Applies to Socket Labs On-Demand_ Engagement Tracking allows an Socket Labs On-Demand user to detect how their email recipients are engaging with messages sent to them.

Specifically, the opening of a message, the click of a link, and a request to be unsu...

For Windows users we recommend the most recent release of: * Mozilla Firefox [ to Socket Labs On-Demand_ We may require users to configure and provide a custom domain before the Engagement Tracking or Custom Bounce Domain features can be used.

Only a single custom host name is required to enable both of these features, bu...

Below are the answers to some important questions regarding the creation of content in the Marketing section of the Socket Labs On-Demand Control Panel.

Should you need a walkthrough of our basic marketing features, you can view instructions for Managing R...RAMPING UP YOUR SERVICE FOR SUCCESS Part of getting your email into the inbox requires us to establish a good reputation for you with the ISPs.To do this, we need to initially throttle the rate at which we deliver your email. If there is anything we can do to improve your experience, please let us know.Many major mailbox providers (Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, etc) calculat... Our job here at Socket Labs is to give the messages you are sending the highest odds of reaching the recipient's inbox.In order to maximize the rate at which this happens we will initially throttle the rate we send your messages... A bounce address is another term for the return path address.One reason this question comes up is because the Socket Labs Acceptable Use Policy [


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