Random adult video chats - 2nd shift dating

I feel like we fight over the dumbest stuff almost every day.

There would be days I got home late and the dogs would be whiny because they had yet to be fed that day!

Nothing like feeling like a crap dog-mom on top of loneliness and frustration to start a fight.

Everyday for five years, I was left alone with three babies, some so fresh they had just dropped out of me.

I’m actually just one punch away from the all inclusive male hooker 3 day cruise to Punta Cana, and by inclusive I mean, they supply the Valtrex and I don’t have to tip for Happy Endings.

The converse is true for when I’m relaxing a bit before heading into my work.

We end up making up and know it’s irrational after the fact, but it’s just getting wearing.

We just celebrated our one-year anniversary, though, and things aren’t awesome on the homefront.

These problems didn’t arise until our work schedules became completely opposite of one another.

The advice given was vague (make your partner a priority) or impractical (switch to a different shift).

After a few years of living together we've worked out a happy situation and even found positives in the shift work shuffle. Offbeat schedules can suck because of the reduced amount of time together.

This was a mental hurdle I had to clear in my own head… I mean, I didn’t let them scream or blow air horns, but we kept a reasonable volume throughout the day, careful not to be loud upstairs, and eventually Andy learned to sleep through the afternoon uninterrupted. Our lives had to suck equally, that’s what marriage is, so we came up with a workable sleep amount for him that made it safe enough to operate heavy machinery, but just shitty enough that he had eye bags and was always three seconds from bitching out the lady at the gas station. We loved going to matinee movies because they were way more affordable, plus less people to yell at you when your kid loses his shit in Madagascar 9. From hair appointments to lunch with friends, I took advantage of having a daytime babysitter and met my friends on their lunch breaks. When it got to the point when something important happened, and Andy the first person I called…I knew things had to change. We went out and tried really hard to talk about things other than the kids.

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